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Kickballpalooza!  Kickball (Outdoor) · Co-Ed Novice

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Jun 16 ’12
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May 17 ’12 – Jun 14 ’12 regular
MorganZ Pub & Eatery
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Regular $15.00 per player
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Regular $15.00

Join us for our first annual Kickballpalooza tournament!

Tournament outline and Rules:

All players must be 21 years of age or older on the tournament date and also agree to sign a release of liability waiver once they arrive at the tournament.

This is a co-ed tournament, all teams consist of both males and females. Teams may have no more than 6 males on the field at once with a minimum of at least 3 females but no maximum number of females. Teams can have up to 16 people, with 9 playing the field at once. The tournament is double elimination format. No metal spikes are allowed.

Game Rules:

All teams must distinguish a batting order before they bat. Officials will keep score, but we also recommend the teams keep score to avoid disputes.

Teams will play rock paper scissor to determine the home team before the game begins. Teams will have 9 fielders (3 must be girls). Teams must have a catcher. No infield fly rule, although if a team takes advantage of this rule, the team can only achieve 1 out on the play.

Batting order rules:

  • No more than three guys can kick in a row, if any team is playing short a female player, they will take an automatic out in their spot.
  • Any team that needs more than 3 females to complete their batting order can repeat a female starting with the first female that was in the batting order.


  • The games will last 7 innings, or up to 40 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • There is a maximum of 10 runs a team may score in 1 inning.
  • Any team that is winning by 20 or more will automatically be declared a winner, after the 4th inning.
  • The game must be played until a winner is declared.
  • If the game must run more than 7 innings, in the 8th inning, 1 female and 1 male will be removed from the field. After the 8th inning, 1 fielder will be removed each subsequent inning after, alternating gender for each inning, until only 5 fielders remain.


  • Pitching must be underhand.
  • The pitcher must stay in the pitching box until the ball is kicked.
  • There is no strike zone, the umpire will make sure the ball is kickable when underhanded by the pitcher.
  • A catcher must always be used and must stand back until the ball is kicked.


  • Each kicker starts with 1 strike, 3 strikes and the kicker is out
  • Kicks must be made with the foot or the shin.
  • No bunting of any kind is allowed.
  • The ball must pass the diagonal line from 1st or 3rd to be deemed fair, if a ball is touched by a fielder before the ball crosses this line it is then considered fair and in play.
  • Foul balls count as a strike and a player can strike out on fouls.


  • Players must have 9 fielders. No more than 6 guys can be in the field at once.
  • There must be a minimum of 3 girls in the field at once but no maximum.
  • Fielders do not need to have their foot on the base for an out, as long as they are within the the painted box and have control of the ball.

Base Running

  • All ties go to the runner.
  • Runners must stay within the base-line.
  • Runners may run past 1st base.
  • Runners will only be considered rounding a base when they actually make an attempt to go to 2nd base.
  • Any interference between the runner and a fielder will be called safe unless the fielder is making a play at the ball.
  • There is NO sliding, diving, base stealing, leading off, or touching the ball by a runner. The runner will be automatically out if any of this occurs.
  • If the runner intentionally touches the ball during a play or is on the same base as another runner the runner is automatically out.
  • On a caught fly ball, whether it is fair or in foul territory, a runner can "tag up" and run to the next base.
  • All runners must touch home plate for the run to count.
  • If a ball is overthrown, the runner must only advance 1 base.
  • A play is considered dead when the pitcher has control of the ball inside the pitching square and runners may only advance if they are already halfway to the next base.
  • Any injured players cannot finish the game before checking with the umpire first.

Fouls - a ball is considered foul if:

  • It is kicked out of bounds
  • It is kicked in front of home plate (kicked before it reached home plate)
  • A ball that goes into foul territory before it reached 1st or 3rd base.
  • A ball that doesn't cross the diagonal line before reaching 1st or 3rd base.


  1. Umpires will have the final say on all calls.
  2. Umpires will make strike calls, out calls, foul calls and safe calls.
  3. Umpires will strictly enforce all rules throughout the game, there is no arguing with the umpire; this can lead to ejection from the game.


Sportsmanship is taken very seriously by the Scranton Social Sports Club. All players must conduct excellent sportsmanship.

Any players that are not exhibiting good sportsmanship will be warned and asked to sit out. If a second offense occurs, the player can be ejected from the game at the umpire's discretion.

Field Set-up

  • The bases are 60 feet apart around the infield diamond.
  • The pitching mound is 9x9 feet square and is aligned evenly between the bases.
  • A diagonal line will be drawn from 1st to 3rd base and this will serve as the foul line, the ball MUST cross this line to be considered fair.
  • The bases will have a 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 foot painted box where the base will be inside.
  • 2 bases will be at home plate, 1 for the fielder and one for the runner. These will be ORANGE and WHITE. The orange base is for the runner and the white base is for the fielder.


There will be a party held at MorganZ Pub & Eatery located on Green Ridge Street in Scranton. Raffle Tickets will be issued for all participants who score a run (2 tickets), catch a fly ball (1 ticket), singles (1 ticket), doubles (2 tickets), triples (3 tickets) or has a homerun (5 tickets). Prizes will be raffled off at MorganZ for any participant that has a ticket. Player MUST be present to be eligible to win prize.

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