Dodgeball 2012 Rules

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Dodgeball Rules

Sportsmanship –

*Sportsmanship to be determined at the discretion of the league official or Scranton Social

Sports Club representative on site. Remember this is a Social Club designed for people to have

fun.  We hold Sportsmanship as our highest priority.

1. All players on all teams MUST adhere to good sportsmanship.
2. There will be escalating penalties for any player/team not using good sportsmanship.
    a. First offense – asked to sit out for a few plays
    b. Second (2) time being removed from a game, player will be finished for the game.
    c. Any player ejected from the game/match, will be ineligible to play the following week.
       (In days where more than (1) game is played by a team, player will have to sit for game
        immediately following ejection).
    d. Any player ejected twice (2) in a single season will be removed from the league and no
        longer eligible to play for the rest of the season.
    e. Any player ejected in multiple leagues may be ruled no longer welcome in the Scranton         Social Sports Club

Teams will play two 25-minute matches in a given week.  Umpire will keep track of time.  A
game is won when all players from a team have been eliminated.  The team that wins the most games in
the 25 minutes will win the match.  Matches may end in a tie (except in playoffs).  Any matches that end in a tie in the playoffs will have the teams play the best 2-out-of-3 games.  Regular game rules apply in overtime games.
Start of Game
Teams will line up along the back wall of their side of the court.  Any extra players will stand
along the sideline off of the court-of-play.  Each team will be able to go after the four (4)
dodgeballs that are placed to their right side along the center court line.  Teams must bring their
balls back behind the designated attack line before throwing.  Any ball thrown before going
behind the attack line will be considered a ‘dead ball’.   
All players must remain within the boundary lines.  The following situations constitutes a
penalty and violating players will be considered out –  
1) Reaching over the center line and/or sidelines to retrieve a ball
2) Stepping over the center line and/or sideline
3) Placing your hand on the court on the other side of center line and/or sideline
4) Going behind the end line to avoid getting hit by a ball (If there is an end line)
The only time a player may cross the sideline to retrieve a ball is if there are no extra players or
players that are out of the game to be able to retrieve the ball.  In this case, the player may leave
from the back wall to go retrieve the ball, and then return to the game by re-entering the court
from the back wall.
**Any extra player may retrieve a ball that is out of play on their side, but MUST put the ball in play immediately.
Live Balls
A ball becomes live when it has been retrieved from the center line and brought back behind the
designated attack line.  Once the first legal ball is thrown, all balls become live.  A ball is dead
once it hits the ground, net, wall, floor (i.e. can no longer force an opposing player out).  Any
ball that is in the air  when the whistle blows remains live.
Players being hit with a ball in the following manner will be considered out –  
1) A player is hit directly by a ball thrown from an opposing player
2) A player blocks a thrown ball with a ball in their hand and is hit off the deflection of their
own ball
3) A thrown ball is caught by the opposing team
4) A thrown ball from the opposing team knocks a ball out of a player’s hand
5) A thrown ball hits the opposing player and is then caught by the same opposing player
before touching anything else. Non-Outs
Players will be safe and not called out when the following occurs –
1) A player is hit with a ball after it hits the floor, ceiling, basketball hoop, wall, or other player
2) A player is hit with a thrown ball and it is caught by another teammate before touching
anything else.
3) A player is hit with a ball before it crosses the designated attack line at the start of the game
4) A player purposely drops the ball in their hand to catch a ball thrown at them
Bringing a player back into play
When a team is down to their last player  and only their last player, and a ball is caught in the air by that said player , he or she will be able to bring in any one of their teammates who have  been eliminated.
A team may not control all the balls on their side of the court for longer than 5 seconds.  The
referee will give warning to controlling team and give a 5 second count.  If a 5-second violation
occurs, balls will become ‘dead’ until controlling team gives the other team at least one (1) ball.  
Any player hit with a ball on the opposing team when a violation occurs will not be out.  Balls
become ‘live’ once the controlling team has given a ball to the opposing team.

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