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Aug 1 ’15 at 2:00 PM
Downtown Scranton Bars
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Regular $25.00 per player
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Regular $25.00

Join The Scranton Social Sports Club on August 1st for our 4th annual SSSC Scavenger Hunt n' Crawl bar crawl/scavenger hunt. This event will inspire your creativity, test your awareness and challenge you physically. mentally and socially. Points will be awarded for various challenges and tasks listed throughout the Hunt. Prizes will be awarded for to the team who accumulates the most points for completed tasks. There will also be secondary prizes for other competitions throughout the event. Enjoy exclusive drink specials at all participating bars in the down town area. Admission: $25 per person. T-shirt that must be worn to receive drink specials ($1 or $2 Drafts ), clue list to complete tasks. Feel free to email us at or call us at 570-209-5869.


Teams must consist of at least 2 players and can not exceed 6 players. 

Teams may not split into separate groups at any time, If a team is seen separating with the intent to complete tasks it will result in a hefty point deduction or possible disqualification. 

There will be no driving allowed by any participating teams. Obviously there is drinking involved in this event but it is not required so please let's use our heads. All bars are within walking distance. Any team caught driving from bar to bar will be disqualified.

Teams will use a phone or digital camera to record all of their tasks. (Unless instructed otherwise on clue sheet)

The task list will be based on a point system from 0 to 10.

Example: "Get a team photo in front of Kildare's" = 1 point

"Swap clothes with a stranger at the bar" 10 points

and everything in between!

We ask that teams try to keep pictures on one phone if possible but understand that may not be due to battery power.

Teams will receive a clue list that will include a general task list and a list of bar specific items. The bar specific items can only be found at the bar listed on the sheet. 

Teams will also receive a mystery item. The mystery Item they choose will be used for a simultaneous challenge that will be included during the hunt. Teams will try to get as many random strangers as possible posing with their mystery item. 

We ask that everyone use sportsmanship when they are downtown. All teams must abide by the rules of the SSSC and the participating bars. Please do not destroy any property at any of the bars or surrounding areas while participating.

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